Early Bally Coin Door Wiring Harness DIY Kit


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Wire-Bot's Early Bally Coin Door Wiring Harness DIY Kit comes with the pieces you need to replace your worn-out coin door harness.

Harness kits come with:

  • All required wires, cut to length (plus a bit extra) and correctly color-coded
  • .062" crimp pins (one for each wire, plus an extra)
  • Split-tube protective sleeving (1 ft.)
  • 4" Zip-ties (25 white, 2 black)
  • 3/16" loop clamps (3)
  • Replacement service switch
  • Pinout diagram for connector housing

Harness kits do not come with:

  • 24-position .062" plug housing. (You will need to salvage the original housing from your harness.)